Next Tuesday is the primary election in Pennsylvania. There are several out candidates running for office throughout the commonwealth in local and judicial elections. None of the state judicial candidates running have shared that they identify as LGBT. PYC does not offer endorsements of candidates. Our listing of candidates here does not state our support.

The Philadelphia City Council election has two out candidates running, either of whom could become the first out member of the city council. As well, Tony Brooks could be the first out city council member in Wilkes-Barre.

There are additionally many candidates throughout Pennsylvania running on pro-LGBT platforms as allies.

Those successful in the primary election will head into the general election this November.

Here is a list of some out LGBT candidates running in this election in Pennsylvania:

Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas: Hugh McGough
Columbia County Treasurer: Dwayne Heisler
Dauphin County Controller: Eric Gutshall
Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas: Dan Clifford
Philadelphia City Council At-Large: Sherrie Cohen
Philadelphia City Council At-Large: Paul Steinke
Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas: Abbe Fletman
Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas: Christopher Mallios
Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas: Leon A. King II
Wilkes-Barre City Council: Tony Brooks

Picture: Sherrie Cohen

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