Become a PYC Ambassador!

The Pennsylvania Youth Congress is currently accepting applications to become a PYC Ambassador!

Launching in 2019, PYC Ambassadors will be a network of key young LGBTQ advocates across the commonwealth who are established and emerging leaders. PYC Ambassadors will receive powerful tools from PYC and expert trainings to enhance their work at the local, regional, and statewide levels.

Ambassador Benefits

-Provide valuable leadership supporting on-the-ground LGBTQ youth advocacy efforts in Pennsylvania
-Network with other young leaders from across the state at PYC events
-Engage in mentorship opportunities in your region
-Represent PYC and be a positive force in your community
-Receive regular updates of organizational activities

-Receive special invitations to events as a representative of PYC, including pride festival events, galas, concerts, social functions, fundraisers, and regional summits
-Waived registration fees for the Pennsylvania Youth Action Conference

How to Apply

PYC Ambassadors participate in three connection points each year for community building, advocacy education, and leadership training. In addition, PYC Ambassadors are to attend the annual Pennsylvania Youth Action Conference each spring. Attendance is required for each of these connection points and the YAC, save for approved extenuating circumstances. Travel logistics and overnight accommodations will be provided to PYC Ambassadors to attend the connection points, and need-based to attend the YAC (if no sponsoring school or organization is available to assist).

The dates for the 2019-2020 PYC Ambassador connection points and the YAC are as follows. By completing the application below, you are committing to having the following dates available to attend:

  • November 15-17, 2019 (Western PA)
  • January 10-12, 2020 (Harrisburg)
  • YAC April 3-5, 2020 (TBA)
  • May 29-31, 2020 (Eastern PA)

PYC Ambassadors serve one year terms which begin and conclude each fall, which may be renewed by application. At least two individuals will be selected to represent each of PYC's nine regions. To be eligible to serve as a PYC Ambassador, applicants must reside in Pennsylvania (or if living in Washington, DC, have roots in Pennsylvania) and identify as young advocates (generally between the ages of 15-23).

If you would like more information about PYC Ambassadors, please email us at

You may apply become an inaugural PYC Ambassador by completing the form below. A PYC leader will be in touch with you following your submission.

APPLICATION EXTENSION: PYC Ambassador applications for the 2019-2020 year must be submitted by November 13, 2019 at 11:59pm.

PYC Ambassador Application
NameFull Name
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Date of Birth
Hometown / Current Home in PA
School Name(if applicable)
Expected Graduation Year(if applicable)
Short Response
PYC was founded in 2011 in a time of urgency for young LGBTQ leaders to be heard and have the ability to take statewide action. Over the years, PYC leaders have successfully advanced local and statewide policy change through effective advocacy work and sharing our stories as youth leaders. We have particularly focused on uplifting the experiences of youth living at the intersection of marginalized identities. PYC Ambassadors will have a powerful opportunity to share their stories and advocacy work with statewide and national audiences in their own words, which is an instrumental in promoting authentic and educational LGBTQ media. Please keep your responses to less than about 300 words (2,000 characters).
Please briefly share why you are interested in becoming a PYC Ambassador, and any skills or experiences which would make you a successful in this role.
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Please share up to three resources for the LGBTQ community in your region, and why you feel they are important.
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Please share up to three resources for the LGBTQ community in your region that are not currently available, and why you feel they should be provided.
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What issues or concerns are most pressing for you as a young LGBTQ Pennsylvanian? What priorities are important to you for a statewide LGBTQ youth agenda?i.e. addressing homelessness, school violence, etc.
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What types of community work have you been involved with so far? What organizations have you participated in at school? In your local area?
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Do you have experience in journalism, blogging, social media, performing arts, film, creative writing, or other forms of media? What kinds of media do you enjoy producing? If so, what kind of content would you be interested in creating as a PYC Ambassador?
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