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The Pennsylvania Youth Congress family has been growing for over ten years. Hundreds of young LGBTQ leaders have come through PYC's doors to create change in our communities and commonwealth.

PYC Alumni is our informal network of Pennsylvanians who have grown up in the organizations ranks who wish to remain connected to their PYC community. 

Individuals who have spent at least one year in a formal leadership role within the Pennsylvania Youth Congress family, and are no longer serving in an active role within the organization, shall be eligible to register with the organization as a PYC Alum.

PYC Alums have often begun professional roles upon graduation, moved outside of Pennsylvania, no longer consider themselves a young Pennsylvanian, or otherwise have transitioned from active leadership in the PYC family.

Being listed as a PYC Alum allows members of the PYC family to contact them first regarding important advocacy efforts in a region for support, advice, or connections. PYC Alumni have access to important organizational updates and invitations to special events, as well as the opportunity to share advice, relationships, and lessons with current PYC leaders. For example, if a PYC leader is working on advancing a transgender student policy in your school district, they would feel comfortable reaching out to you to let you know about the project and invite your participation in any upcoming school board meetings. PYC Alumni receive special invitations to and public recognition at various PYC events or programs.

Status as a PYC Alum does not grant or infer any active role, or ability to continue speaking or working on behalf of the organization. Rather, it is an affirmative way to continue supporting the vital work of PYC as an individual who is no longer active in the organization.

There are no annual requirements for a financial contribution, but it is highly encouraged in order to support the urgent and high-impact work of PYC. Affirming an individual’s status as a PYC Alum is a perpetual listing unless rescinded in writing.


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