Information on Campus LGBTQ Issues

Non-discrimination policies

Institutional polices protecting the employment of faculty and staff and the opportunity of all members of a community in in every aspect of campus life are critical. We support educational institutions to adopt and promote inclusive and enumerated polices to ensure that all members of a community are valued in both policy and campus life. We are able to share polices from educational institutions across the Commonwealth and be a resources in supporting the implementation of these policies.

Establishing an LGBTQ student organization

Out of the nearly 170 institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania, approximately 100 schools have a student LGBTQ organization. As a coalition of LGBTQ student organizations, we strongly support the development and health of student-run LGBTQ organizations. LGBTQ student organizations are very important in providing positive safe and supportive spaces and to be on the front lines for advocacy within institutions and campus communities. If you are interested in starting an LGBTQ student organization, please contact us for ideas and we are glad to help in any way we can.

Establishing an LGBTQ Resource Center of staff position

The process of starting an LGBTQ campus resource center or establishing a staff position dedicated to LGBTQ issues can be critical, and also potentially overwhelming. It is important to be prepared with a solid case to your college or university administration as to why institutional support is important to your community. There are currently 9 active LGBTQ campus resource centers in PA, which are listed on our website under Resources.

Gender-neutral housing

We believe all students should be treated equally, regardless of sex, gender identity, or gender expression. The freedom to choose who to live with in college should be an individual choice instead of a limiting or gendered system- which can end up leaving transgender or gender non-conforming students at risk or in poor living situations. Several campuses in Pennsylvania offer this option and we are happy to consult with student organizations, faculty, staff, or administrators on this issue.

Gender-neutral bathrooms

Using restroom and bathing facilities are essential. It should not be, in anyway, the basis for discrimination. Transgender and gender variant members of campus communities should not be subjected to "holding it in" or harassment in using bathrooms. PYC supports that gender non-specific bathroom options be made available to across all campuses.

Issues around campus bias incidents

Campus communities may have a bias incident or hate crime. It is a very serious time for a campus in responding, and hopefully reconciling in some way, about the situation and heal. However, these are very sensitive situations which should be handled very carefully by any student organization or administrator. We strongly encourage that anyone follow the victim/s of the incident. Please refrain from revealing names or accusing people. It is important to fully document the incident and work with the campus safety department for a full investigation and with any counselors or administrative allies for community healing. PYC maintains a database of campus bias incidents or cases of discrimination on college and university campuses in PA which we learn about. PYC is set up as the coalition to be supportive for each other- and we can be involved in getting the word out about the situation or in the works in the background. Please contact PYC immediately if you have a situation to report at