The Pennsylvania Youth Congress is supporting efforts to modernize the county-based processes for legal name changes for trans and gender expansive individuals.

Please complete this form to share your feedback on how the process was for you. We will be able to understand trends in issues and successes that have arisen, and come up with solutions to share with county governments across the commonwealth.

Experts from responses to this form may be used in the advocacy work. If you choose to remain anonymous, your name will be kept confidential. 

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Name Change Process Feedback
Your Full Name
Current Location in Pennsylvania
Phone Number
Year of Name Change
Once you knew you wanted a name change, what did you do? Did you know where to go? Who did you go to, if anyone?
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Did you have any challenges in completing your name change?If so, please explain.
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What do you feel went right during your name change process?If so, please explain.
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What would you modify about the name change process you went through if you could?
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Did you have a positive or negative experience with either the judge, courtroom staff, or county employees?If so, who was involved, and what happened?
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Did you request a waiver of publication? Was it granted?Please share any information you wish about publication waivers.
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Did you receive any assistance in completing your name change?
Name(s) of law firm or nonprofit organization which provided you assistance
Should any excerpts be used in advocacy work, how would you like any quotes from your responses to be cited?i.e. "Melissa", "M.", "M. D.", "-"...