URGENT: Attend Emergency Trans Youth + Allies Day of Action in our State Capitol on Monday, April 11th!!

We especially need trans children and youth, parents of young transgender and cis Pennsylvanians, healthcare professionals, coaches, and cisgender girl student athletes to be there!

Thank you very much for your support. We need to make our voices clearer than ever before: Trans girls are girls and deserve every opportunity to be safe and thrive. HB 972 is a cruel ban on trans girls playing sports that is rooted in hatred, ignorance, political theater, and toxic misinformation.

PYC Parent Warrior Melissa DeStefano (Montgomery County, PA) speaks at PYC's press conference on nondiscrimination legislation at the state Capitol in February 2020

On Monday, April 11th, 2022, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is slated to vote on a bill to ban transgender girls in Pennsylvania from school athletics: in all K-12 public schools and public colleges + universities, as well as private schools at all levels if in a league with public schools. HB 972 passed the House Education Committee on March 29, 2022.

We must now specifically organize communications with state lawmakers in key legislative districts. PYC has identified over 70 legislators as the highest priority to provide education on trans youth inclusion.


We must have a strong presence of supporters in the Capitol as they vote on this bill. We need to press on to meet with our lawmakers.

Please complete this form ASAP. We will then reply with logistics for the day and information on how to contact your legislators. We will work with as many of you as we can to arrange in-person or virtual meetings directly with your lawmakers on or around Tuesday.

To be clear: with a Governor's veto and the current makeup of our state legislature, there is no chance of a ban becoming law this year. However, it would be devastating to have this bill debated and passed on the House floor. Trans youth would have to witness horrible things about them in the media, bullies may be more emboldened to attack trans students, and school boards could feel empowered to pass their own bans. We have to prevent this legislation from going to the House floor.

You may contact Preston Heldibridle by email here with any questions or ideas.

This specific Day of Action is coordinated with PYC in partnership with the Eastern PA Trans Equity Project and the ACLU of Pennsylvania. Please know the information you submit below will also be shared with them to help coordinate the day's activities.

Please complete this form ASAP so we can immediately start organizing outreach with your state legislators. This form will close on Sunday, April 10th, 2022, at 5:00pm.


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